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"We are very grateful for the opportunity to take part in curating the digital vernissage, "Connections: Community Engagement and Digital Art". We are passionate about bringing to light the various experiences of people with disabilities and their artwork within our own research. Upon coming into the classroom in the second semester of this project, we could immediately see the relationships, level of understanding, and sense of community that had developed throughout the course between the participants and students. We really enjoyed going through the participants' work and watching the evolution of their projects, as well as the emergence of individual nuances and styles in response to the same workshops. It was a pleasure to work with the Centre, the participants, and everyone involved in the project."

- Serena and Jacqueline



"Morgan, our 24 year old son who is affected by an autonomic disorder, absolutely loved and enjoyed learning from Concordia’s Digital Arts Program. Our home now shares fun stories about this program and all that Morgan worked on. Thank you to Cindy Pratt for her dedication, all the Concordia students working with the participants, and the volunteers who freely help and give their time."

Florence and Nelson



"The Digital Art Project was an exciting learning experience. This project allowed for volunteers to develop a one-on-one relationship with the participants where we were given the opportunity to hear their enjoyment, watch their creativity unfold and connect with how they were feeling. To say I am proud of our coordinators, volunteers, participants and anyone else who took part in making this project possible would be an understatement."


"It was an absolute pleasure volunteering on this program. I'm really impressed on how much talent the participants have. They are the sweetest people that I have ever met.​"

- Robert

"I was only with the CAHD for a short time but it was one of the most rewarding and fun experiences I had whilst in Canada on my exchange! Taking part in digital art and helping to make some really cool posters and videos was something new to me and to the participants making it all the more interesting. The enthusiasm and creativity really came through and brightened my Tuesday evenings and I’m going to miss volunteering there!"


Testimonials: Meet the Team
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