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“The digital arts project provided a unique space and learning opportunity for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The participants increased their digital literacy skills and expanded their artistic expression by learning how to create digital artwork. What was really magical and unexpected about witnessing each participant’s journey in digital artmaking was not only their self-expression but the profound social interactions that blossomed. The cooperative and interactive learning in the classroom through technology provided multiple avenues of rich discussion and beautiful moments of pride in the participants' finished digital artworks. The digital arts project illustrated that engagement with technology and the digital world has an immense amount of unexplored possibilities, however engaging with technology and discovering the potential of the digital world doesn’t mean leaving the current one; there are many viable avenues of expression that can be explored.” 

- Dillon Lewchuk

Dillon Lewchuk is the primary researcher for "Connections: Community Engagement and Digital Art". More information on his upcoming work will be available here soon. 

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