The Final Project

This project demonstrates various stages of the production of the participants' final film. The participants used Adobe Character Animator, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create personalized avatars and illustrations. These artworks were combined with music to create a film about each participant's experiences to share with everyone.

Due to the unexpected closure of Concordia University to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our semester finished four weeks earlier than scheduled. However, the digital basis of the course has allowed us to display the final project here in the form of a digital exhibition to showcase the culmination of the participants' work.  



This project allowed the participants to design their own avatar, individualizing a base character into a wide variety of representations by changing their hair, facial features, and clothing to suit their preferences. Once complete, the avatars were animated to wave and greet the viewer in the participants' final film.



The participants received prompts asking them about their likes and dislikes and drew their responses. The illustrations feature their favourite foods, animals, activities, places, and weather, to be revealed in the final film.



The participants used iMovie to create their final film, bringing together their avatars and illustrations. They learned various video editing techniques and recorded their own audio by producing songs and including their voices alongside their avatars. These films allow the participants to share about themselves with the viewer.