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The Centre for the Arts in Human Development would like to thank all those who worked together to make this digital art project a success: 

All the Group 12 Participants: Anthony, Ashley, Elisa, Irene, Jessica, Kassandra, Leo, Lisa, Maxwell, Megan, Michael, Morgan, Nikolaï, Robert and Simmone 

The students in the DART 453 course: Anthony, Baoshi, Imogen, Jared, Serrena, and Valerie 

Israël Dupuis, Part-time instructor, Digital and Computational Arts, Faulty of Fine Arts

The volunteers: Ali, Amanda, Catherine, Cayley, Dana, Maria, Mofe, Razan, Robert, and Tom

Centre staff: Cindy Pratt, Jaimie Byrne, Lenore Vosberg, Rowena Tam, Kelly-Anne Vander Meer

Researcher: Dillon Lewchuk, Masters student, Art Therapy

Dr. Janis Timm-Bottos, research supervisor, Associate Professor, Creative Arts Therapies

Dr. Miranda D’Amico, consultant, Professor, Department of Education, Co-Director of Research, Centre for the Arts in Human Development

Curators of digital art exhibition, website creation: Serena Desaulniers, Jacqueline G.

Dr. Kristina Huneault, Professor and Graduate Program Director, Art History Department

Cherry Marshall, Principal Director of Development, Faculty of Fine Arts

The Centre wishes to thank the financial supports for this project: 

The Benchimol Family Fund

Mr.  Christian Arseneault, City Councillor, on behalf of the Loyola District, City of Montreal 

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